Monday, 15 March 2010


Starting today I`m going to be providing a series of  `Roundups` at irregular intervals giving information about current goings-on in the progressive  community. For the most part, I`ll be concentrating on non-party/grassroots/community campaigns and the like, but I reserve the right to be completely inconsistent in the selections I make ! 

These are all UK-based, but may be of interest wherever you are.


End Child Detention Now -

 "A citizen`s campaign to end the scandal of child detention by UK immigration authorities".


Runnymede Trust -

This London-based race relations charity has recently launched a series of publications called Runnymede Political Perspectives, with contributions by representatives of the major political  parties.

The first of these is Conservativism and Community Cohesion : A Perspective by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve QC , edited by Robin Frampton and with additional comment by a number of academics.

The second is Race Equality and the Liberal Democrats : A Perspective by Lynne Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat MP who is her party`s spokesperson on equality. Again, this is edited by Robin Frampton and features responses from a number of academics.

Presumably the next will be from a Labour MP.


Pit Pony Petitions

The proprietor of a pit pony sanctuary in Wales has launched three petitions - to the Parliaments in England, Scotland and Wales -  relating to the use of ponies underground. For an explanation of the issues, links to the petitions and other campaign materials, visit . Please note, the three petitions all have different closing dates (two in May and one in August). You do not have to be resident in England, Scotland or Wales to sign these.


This blog ignores party politics but if you live in the UK you may have noticed we have an election coming up. I won`t tell you who to vote for and I won`t tell you who I`ll be voting for, but what I will do is provide these links ;

How you vote is your choice. Make sure it`s an informed choice !


CPRE / Transport

 The increasingly assertive Campaign to Protect Rural England has ambitious plans in respect of transport. Opposed to aviation expansion and  road expansion, the organisation calls for a "railway renaissance" and is also looking at areas such as rural transport and road safety. CPRE was part of a coalition (with green groups, certain local authorities and local residents) which has mounted a legal challenge to the proposed building of a third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow airport. The outcome is expected later this month. .

 Save Our Valley

 See my earlier article for this blog `Doctor Denounces Democratic Deficit` (this blog 2 Feb 2010). The main issue relates to the proposed siting of pylons in the Bristol/Somerset area. A secondary issue is the allegedly flawed consultation process. The underlying issue, and to my mind the most important issue, is that the IPC (the body which oversees national infrastructure projects) is not accountable to anyone.

Tripping Up Trump

As the name implies, a campaign initially concerned with plans made by Donald Trump to build a £1bn golf course in Aberdeenshire and the likely impact on local people - some of whom will lose their homes - and on the environment. Increasingly, the campaign is addressing an underlying issue, arguing that compulsory purchase orders should not be used to help establish a private business concern.

Various ( Rushcliffe Greenfields, Rufford Incinerator and others)

For a round-up of a number of ongoing preservation and conservation campaigns in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area ;

And Finally...

Let`s end on a positive note.

Congratulations to the Save Our Sheringham campaign on winning their 14 year long battle with Tesco (details from and/or ). Councillors have now given the go-ahead to a proposed eco-friendly supermarket, a local initiative which has secured the backing of Waitrose.


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