Monday, 10 May 2010

Ramblers Revisited Again

Storm clouds are gathering over The Ramblers` next General Council Meeting*, following the closure of the Scottish and Welsh Offices and the accompanying redundancies.

At the GCM, Motions of Censure from a number of branches are going forward in respect of both Senior Management and the Board of Trustees. These have been merged into one composite motion which also requires the Board of Trustees to explain what measures have been put in place to prevent any further problems of this nature.

There are also separate motions requiring greater openness and better communication. A particular area of concern is that many groups and individuals are unaware of consultations addressed to them. There are suggestions that some items are deliberately hidden away in obscure corners of the national website.

One observation I would make is that Senior Management and Trustees seem to be representing member`s concerns as arising from a simple breakdown in communication. While poor communication has been part of the problem, it has only been one small part of a much wider picture. My suspicion is that they are looking for a presentable way to account for this on their CVs - it`s a nice, glossy cop-out to say "we became aware that a problem of communication existed and took steps to rectify this", which on the face of it seems very reasonable. The true picture might be more damaging to certain people`s career prospects.

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*Regrettably, time has ovetaken us and the relevant meeting has now taken place. Further news in due course.


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